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  • Start of promo «Fast and Furious»

Start of promo «Fast and Furious»




Dear clients!

The company launches a new promo «Fast and the Furious» aimed at partners (agents) of ICE FX. This promo grants the status of a PRO partner and the maximum amount of referral payments to each active partner for the period from 18/06/2018 to 17/09/2018.

For new partners, the «Fast and the Furious» promo will be available indefinitely, starting from June 18, 2018. If an agent refers one active referral (a client who invests or trades), he will receive the status of a PRO-partner and the maximum level of referral payments for 13 weeks.

We pay your attention that the promo has other opportunities and advantages, which can be found on the «Fast and the Furious» promo page.